Good FEMA.

Yeah, so if you’ve been the news, you know that the government officials charged with mitigating the loss of life didn’t do the best job they could have. OK, fine. Now, when I say government officials, I am referring to Department of Homeland defense, FEMA, Louisiana State and local officials. This is old news.

Well, I was watching the Daily Show, and one of the segments pointed out a diagram on FEMA’s “About Us” page. It’s horrible; notice how after all is said and done, FEMA plans on returning to a state of disaster.

FEMA's idea of problem solving.

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2 Responses to Good FEMA.

  1. Brian Vaughn says:

    They are missing the state where they blame others for their mistakes.

  2. jay says:

    No, it’s there. It’s the first one: Response.

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