Can’t tell me nothin…

If you aren’t already a Kanye West fan, you’re missing out. He’s started hosting flash versions of his newest videos on his site, and my favorite is the Can’t Tell Me Nothin. Quality video, but then he took it a step further and hosted the alt version by Zack Galafianakis (one of the four Comedians of Comedy). Check both of them out, they’re pretty funny.

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3 Responses to Can’t tell me nothin…

  1. xrellix says:

    Love the song and both versions of its videos.
    I was a Kanye fan, but his preachy Jesus songs & videos have put me off a bit.

  2. Jay says:

    Not real sure how “Jesus Walks” is preachy. Was it his stance on racism, materialism, alcoholism and prostitution? Or was it simply the name Jesus that drove you away?

    Get thee behind me…

  3. Jay says:

    Check out xrelix’s rap-response here.

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