the sound of silence…

OK, last week my car battery died, so I replaced it. Aside from a trivial thing like the clock being reset, you might also have to enter some security codes. The anti-theft system on my stereo/CD system required some code, that I didn’t receive when I purchased the car (5 years ago). Long story short, I had to make the time to go to the dealership near me, and get that all figured out.

That’s just some background. The real issue is the silence. I have never experienced as much silence in my car since I started driving. Being that I love music so much, this actually changed my mood – in a very bad way. I usually drive at a fast pace, err, at the speed limit. I blast a tune, and I enjoy the ride; no matter how short. Without the sound system, it was like driving Sadness to the mall, to meet her friend Anger… Everyday, for a week.

Well, onwards to better things: the dealership reset my system, and on the way in from the dealership I blasted some Kanye West. There was one positive thing about this experience: more time to further expound existing ideas. And in my head, Simon and Garfunkel’s classic The Sound of Silence quietly played. You know, like elevator music.

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  1. xrellix says:

    hahah…nice. I feel like that sometimes.. though i must be getting old – have been listening to npr lately.

  2. Jay says:

    NPR puts out quality content, every now and then… But yeah, you need to burn some CDs from your Rhapsody subscription.

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