United Kingdom Constitution…

OK, I saw Jon Stewart’s item above, and they were talking about the UK Constitution. I heard someone say that the UK’s constitution is “unwritten”…
I thought, Wait, what did they say? I assumed this was just a joke. As it turns out, the UK’s constitution is unwritten, as in one whole document. Britain is actually governed by a number of documents. Funny.

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free geek twin cities…


http://freegeektwincities.org/ is a great idea. I’ve always had a hard time simply throwing away major computer components. It just seems wrong. Dell, at least for a short while, stopped offering recycling of old laptops. Now, with a group like FGTC, this problem is solved. Kudos…

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more window 7 upgrades…

This how Wordpad looks now… and it has more functionality.

Wordpad now…

This how Paint looks now… and it has more functionality.


If you’re wondering why I care, I’ve used this two small programs for years, and I was about to make the move to UltraEdit. Not sure who Microsoft hired in the past few years, but wow… wow.

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dell studio xps 16…

Got a new machine, my old one was starting to burn out – as usual.

Hands down, Windows 7 Professional is light years a head of Vista Professional. Wow. The UI’s better, without needing more RAM. The security implementation has been tweaked slightly – I’m not fighting with soft link over regular shortcuts… Also, the environment emulation helps a ton. They’ve taken the theme to a new level – background changing every few moments… nice.

I’m sure it doesn’t hurt that my new machine is also a step-up. The Dell Studio XPS 16 is pretty remarkable. Aside from the i7, with 6MB cache, being pretty powerful on its own. Dell, with this line, has gotten a complete makeover. Small things like the soft lighting under the keyboard and touch-surfaces. That’s right, I said touch-surfaces – no more eject button for your optical drive. An optical drive that reads Blue-Ray, and writes DVDs. Certain lights that used to be on the far rear, right, are now to the front of the machine, and on the left.

I don’t have time to go over each little thing, but I can say that someone clearly put money into some real HCI research. I wont say this is a Mac, or anything crazy like that. I will say that if Dell stays on this path, I cant see why I wouldn’t keep coming back to them for my computing needs.

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fire belly toads…

In college, I had 2 Fire Belly Newts, Mark and Jay (long story)… They were OK, as pets go. Today, for whatever reason, I went looking to get Fire Belly Newts again. But I had an issue finding them. So, I settled for the next best thing: Fire Belly Toads. I got two green ones, and two brown ones.

Not sure why, but staring at them is fairly soothing.

Fire Belly Toad

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best friend – your best enemy

HBO has this great show discussing the relationship between Magic Johnson and Larry Bird. I’ve always known that these are two of the greatest players, ever. However, because of my age, I never saw these games. I am shocked at how much these guys simply wanted to be better than the other… This is a real good example of F. Nietzsche’s concept of your best friend actually being your best enemy. These guys hated, hated… each other. Also, if you want an example of mind over matter, pay close attention to Bird pushing through his back pain, for the love of winning.

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continuity game…

I was watching the Unbeatable Banzuke on G4, and one of the G4 reporters mentioned this hot game from Sweden, Continuity. Pure genius. Also, not bad background music for a puzzle/strategy game.

I gave it a go, and I’ll say once I hit Level 10, it hit me… Fortunately in level 11, you get a break.
Leave to the Swedes to produce something so simple, yet so beautifully layered.
Yes, I do jealous much… Check it out for yourself – Enjoy!

Continuity Game in Action…

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truly a bohemian rhapsody

If I ever had to create a list of songs that would never find their way into a rap song, you know as a sample. Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody would be very high on the list… Yet, someone actually did it, and did a pretty good job of it too.

Checkout the Poor Boy video from Shaun Boothe.

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the mosquito…

I did a sound test at the ultrasonic ringtones site, and got the results below. Give a try, and see how well you can hear.
For more details into what I’m talking about, check this Wikipedia entry.

Or maybe you are a mosquito, you certainly can’t be human.The highest pitched ultrasonic mosquito ringtone that I can hear is 21.1kHz

Find out which ultrasonic ringtones you can hear!
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moving the Prior Lake house…

In this video, they’re moving the Prior Lake house. Oh, and it’s freezing out there – 3 degrees!

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