Creative (Maybe)

On this page I will put creative junk…

So righteous
I am so righteous. Is it not clear?
You won’t find me drunk, just full of God-fear.

I am so righteous. I always help the poor.
Give a few tax-deductible items from my clothing drawer.

I am so righteous. I should be praised!
I pray and I tithe all of my days.

I am so righteous. I shun prostitutes and gays.
I will use hate to show sinners the way.

I am so righteous. I am so righteous.
Wait: I am not! Sorry Jesus, I forgot.

Clearly, I am drunk off of righteous indignation.
I didn’t win a contest for this eternal salvation.

I avoid the poor, and seek only more.
I wish to be praised, busy pushing “sinners” away.
I’ve been thinking fire and brimstone, and forgot the day to day.