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Addictive Game

boom-shine — I played this for about 30 minutes, got up to level 12 and 196 points. Give it a try.

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I was looking at Ruminations of a Programmer, and saw this thing on the side. I had to look up the symbol for Mn on the periodic table, which surprised me… I should have known that. Luckily, this quiz accounts … Continue reading

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Adobe’s Flex 2

Adobe’s Flex 2 seems like the realization of some great RAD concepts. I’ve seen this for MS related products: Access, VB, etc. However, it’s my first time seeing it for a clean rich Internet application UI. The fact that you … Continue reading

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The Cost/Benefit Ratio for Home Theater Systems

When I initially looked for a home theater system, I was not interested in spending too much money. So, I went on the cheap w/ some Koss system from Sears. Wow — that was a horrible choice. In general, it … Continue reading

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