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I’ve been a part of a number of conversations where people are fighting for PUT while others are very sure of PATCH. Anyway, here’s the PUT RFC. Here’s the PATCH RFC. I think the PATCH RFC is very clear – … Continue reading

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ask you shall receive… at least with chrome.

Using AWS and it can require a number of tabs open, that are closely related. So, from time to time, I may want to reload all tabs, and skim through them. I did a simple google search “chrome is there a way … Continue reading

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Even with Docker, you should RTFM

Before you get too deep into Docker, it would be a great idea to fully understand the difference between a Docker container, and a full Virtual Machine. There are some good YouTube videos, and articles. I would strongly recommend you read the … Continue reading

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Unable to share folders on a VMWware Ubuntu LTS 14 guest

The title describes the problem I was having. It took me longer than I would have liked to find this solution post, but who knows what I was doing. Solution. Anyways, hope it does the same for you.  

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knowing and living

Even when the person lives up to 90 years, that person was on this earth for a brief period of time. Simply put, the human life span is short. Not only do we live for only a moment, we actually … Continue reading

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Inherently good or bad

No doubt, you’ve heard the term, victim-less crime. For the most part, these refer to acts the state (i.e.: accepted sovereign authority) deems criminal. Although these acts may harm the society, for the most part, they do so indirectly. Some states have defined certain … Continue reading

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water level

I love the phrase, “water finds its own level.” It’s one of those truisms that packs a ton of meaning in a small space. As far as humans go, a person usually finds their equilibrium when they are around other … Continue reading

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Velocity highlighting in Notepad++

I wanted some Velocity Highlighting, and found this. It had an archive, made by whoever owns this site. The readme in the archive was in German. I’ve added an English translation. I also added one new operator pattern to it. You can … Continue reading

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Je Suis Charlie…

I woke up this morning, looking to start this 3 day weekend (Monday is President’s Day) on the right foot. I started by doing some bookkeeping, and then onto upgrading some software on my machine. Nothing out of the ordinary. A … Continue reading

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It took me long enough…

I’m back on my grind, and working to get this product out the door. It was an unnecessary long hiatus (of my own making). I’m physically in a new place. Seattle (or close to it). Partners are in Minnesota – … Continue reading

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