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lessons learned

Today is my last day at my current company. It was an interesting experience. I met some good people, and learned a lot about myself. I learned what kind of Engineer I was, and what I couldbe. I learned that … Continue reading

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Bribing Bloggers?

In Joel Spolsky’s most recent post, Bribing Bloggers, he states that even if a blogger discloses that they have received the item they are blogging about as a gift, that: “the only conclusion I can come to is that this … Continue reading

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If you have the time, I strongly recommend watching this editorial on the current state of President Bush’s Iraq policy. It’s 10 minutes of some honesty, that I doubt the president will actually hear… However, I do hope that some … Continue reading

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Super Villain Personality Test

I took this test, and I disagree with the results, but whatever. I think I am closer to the Kingpin. Your results:You are Green Goblin Green Goblin 62% Kingpin 61% Juggernaut 58% Apocalypse 58% Venom 50% Dr. Doom 50% Magneto … Continue reading

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