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moving on…

Donaldson Company has been around since 1915. Although you’ve probably never heard of it, it’s been quietly dominating the filter industry. With over about 14,000 employees worldwide, and hitting the 2 billion dollar revenue mark last month, it’s clearly a … Continue reading

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httpsessionlistener resolved my session persistence issue

I’ve moved from Resin-3.0 to Tomcat-5.5 for a while now. So far, it’s actually been easier to deploy and run my web applications. However, I started to see some NotSerializableExceptions during shutdowns, and subsequent startups. After some research, it became … Continue reading

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new york cares…

If you know me, you know I love NYC. Anyway, there’s this song I keep hearing when I listen to the Radiohead radio station on Yahoo’s music engine: Interpol’s NYC (New York Cares). The lyrics are simple, but like a … Continue reading

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greatest generation…

So, wait, what? Julia Child was a spy?! Outrageous, but true. This spy organization was the predecessor to the CIA, formed by president FDR. The spy list includes over 24,000 Americans. Like Mrs. Child, there are a ton who you’d … Continue reading

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yeah, that’s probably it…

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