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java posse says please leave…

So some guy (I wont link to him) had complaints about podcast lengths. He happened to single out the Java Posse. They didn’t take that laying down. Next podcast – episode 161, the English guy (Dick Wall) politely notes that … Continue reading

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certified in spring…

Spring has definitely made my life easier. Not just on all of my side projects, but at work too. At this moment, I have all our domain objects and services wired and working via Spring-2.5. Mostly JPA, two JDBC Daos. … Continue reading

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the show me campaign…

If you can, and care, here’s a charity to consider: the show me campaign. I came upon it watching a John Legend video for his song, Show Me. At first I thought he was doing a take on the two … Continue reading

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the sound of silenceā€¦

OK, last week my car battery died, so I replaced it. Aside from a trivial thing like the clock being reset, you might also have to enter some security codes. The anti-theft system on my stereo/CD system required some code, … Continue reading

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bill gates’ last day…

Brian V just hit me w/ this video, and it’s hilarious. A few major of cameos too. Regardless of what you think of Bill Gates, you wish you could stay at one company from the age of 17, and then … Continue reading

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