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Finally, I’ve been working on this, off and on, for a little while now. I primarily made this to promote the awesome Kiva. Kiva helps a ton of people every day! Here’s some thing wrap your mind around – In … Continue reading

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Hawthorne Neighborhood Revitalization…

As usual, Habitat for Humanity (H4H) is stepping it’s game up… The Hawthorne area of Minneapolis, like the rest of the country, has been hit hard by the housing crisis. In the video below, Sue Haigh and H4H find a … Continue reading

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moving the Prior Lake house…

In this video, they’re moving the Prior Lake house. Oh, and it’s freezing out there – 3 degrees!

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kiva team…

Brian M. got me to join Kiva. I always knew it was a top-notch form of helping others, but i never really got into it. We started a Kiva team, The Society of the Humane, and it’s pretty awesome (both … Continue reading

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wounded warrior…

There’s this awesome program, Wounded Warrior, aimed at helping troops that have come home injured, get back on their feet. These men and women do a ton for us in their existence alone. Check it out their stories on Overstock … Continue reading

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support the Prior Lake House Move

As usual, the Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity (TCHH) is helping make lives better. Thanks to generous house donation by Jerry and Terry Shrank, TCHH will be moving the house with renovations to a lot they’ve purchased in Prior Lake. … Continue reading

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build a home…

If you’re in the giving mood, there’s always a program that could use your help. In college, I did a little work with Habitat for Humanity. A really great Christian charity, that’s been around since about 1976. If by some … Continue reading

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the show me campaign…

If you can, and care, here’s a charity to consider: the show me campaign. I came upon it watching a John Legend video for his song, Show Me. At first I thought he was doing a take on the two … Continue reading

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help a person out…

In this Googlfied time in history, things are good for software and techie people. That’s great, but it would be even better to share some of that, wouldn’t it? Well, for those of you with a backup 360 (you know … Continue reading

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