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Resin, what happened?

I’ve been a loyal Resin user for about 3 years now. For a time, it was one of the fastest servlet containers. Well, I have an web-app, made up of 3 wars. It uses a number of open-source, 3rd party … Continue reading

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If you use Hibernate and Spring, but no JTA or Seam, and you have to subscribe to the session-per-request-with-detached-objects model, you may have run into the following situation: having to reattaching detached objects to the current open Hibernate session. Even … Continue reading

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just like a mini-mall…

I saw this months ago, and sent it in an email to a few people. When I last checked it had 960,020 views. It’s basically the best commercial ever! Well, I saw a reference to it on SNL last night, … Continue reading

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Some guy (Jason) takes digital pictures of stuff (Rochester, NY). Vote for his work here. Note: You’ll have to sign up.

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Cash to Kermit

Johnny Cash’s last video before he and his wife passed on was to the song Hurt. It was excellent. Here’s a rendition of that video with Kermit the Frog. Enjoy.

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Starting an OpenLaszlo Project

I started looking at RIA development not too long ago. So, as always, the only obvious next step was to build an RIA app. I didn’t actually start from scratch… I have an app I am developing using WebWork-2.4, Hibernate-3.2, … Continue reading

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