Projects I’ve have worked on, or am working on.

3D Game Development

For the 3D-fighting game, the main goals include modeling and rendering
scenes & characters; proper collision detection; smooth animation; and
lastly, handling game events. For modeling, MilkShape
was used. So far, a mountainous scene with trees has been modeled
and rendered. There are two characters that can move back and forth. There
is also camera movement in the x, y and z axes. The
library is being used to simplify the setup of environments
in OpenGl.

3D-Battle Project (Visual Studio .NET solution)

Apartment Rental Application

You can build this from scratch. You’ll need to install MySQL (at least version 4.1), and make a schema named sibo. Then add a user named sibo_admin, with password sibo_admin. There’s and admin war you can build and throw in a webapp folder, for whatever container you’re using. I used Resin-2.1.6. There were renter and manager parts to it, but since I didn’t finish them, I just deleted them. I feel better submitting a “complete” working version to perforce. Click here for archive. It’s less than a meg. You’ll have to download all the pertinent jars if you want to run it.