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JSR 303… 2 years later

Back in ’06, I wrote about JSR 303, which aims to bring Bean Validation to the JDK. Well to be specific, it defines a meta-data model and API for JavaBean validation. The spec. draft aslo states that it will not … Continue reading

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Dr Uncle Jimmy…

Saw this skit on SNL; I think it’s pretty funny. Ya might like… OK, copyright infringement, so youtube took it down… crap. Oh well, my favorite line from the entire thing: “Sure you could find a better barbecue, or a … Continue reading

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constrained resize

OK, I have a JFrame whose dimensions had to be constrained on resize. Basically, it has to grow equally in width and height (think Checkerboard). In order to do that, I had to override the JFrame’s setBounds. However, I had … Continue reading

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IDEA hidden features…

If you are a long time user of IntelliJ IDEA, you already know why it’s great. If you are not, I’ll tell you the IDE just makes things easier. Aside from the community, and large number of quality plugins, it … Continue reading

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