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Can’t tell me nothin…

If you aren’t already a Kanye West fan, you’re missing out. He’s started hosting flash versions of his newest videos on his site, and my favorite is the Can’t Tell Me Nothin. Quality video, but then he took it a … Continue reading

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WebWork 2.2.6 released (Security Fix)

If you are a Webwork/XWork user, you may have heard of the critical security issue found in XWork. Well, no fear the WebWork team has a backwards compatible with WebWork 2.2.5 release. Pick it up.

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Getting ‘er done?

In the past months, I’ve dropped the amount of side-projects I do apart from my 40hr. This weekend however, I decided to put some real effort into a project I’ve been waving off for about 6+ months. So, Saturday morning … Continue reading

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Wikipedia, you’re the greatest…

So I was bored at the workplace, and decided to lookup the definition of boredom on It was pretty insightful. Then I thought to myself, Wikipedia is arguably the greatest Web 2.0 application ever invented. I’m sure some would … Continue reading

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People are simply people…

So I finally watched the film, Blood Diamond. Outstanding performances by Djimon Hounsou and Leo Decaprio. While watching this film, I heard a variation on an idea that I’ve debated and struggled with for years. It came during a brief … Continue reading

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