I’ve been a part of a number of conversations where people are fighting for PUT while others are very sure of PATCH. Anyway, here’s the PUT RFC. Here’s the PATCH RFC. I think the PATCH RFC is very clear – Straight from RFC 5789:

The difference between the PUT and PATCH requests is reflected in the
way the server processes the enclosed entity to modify the resource
identified by the Request-URI. In a PUT request, the enclosed entity
is considered to be a modified version of the resource stored on the
origin server, and the client is requesting that the stored version
be replaced. With PATCH, however, the enclosed entity contains a set
of instructions describing how a resource currently residing on the
origin server should be modified to produce a new version. The PATCH
method affects the resource identified by the Request-URI, and it
also MAY have side effects on other resources; i.e., new resources
may be created, or existing ones modified, by the application of a


Think of a PUT as a modification of the whole resource. While PATCH aims to modify parts of the resource, and not necessarily the whole resource.
Side note, a PATCH operation may have side effects on other resources.
Learned this part, today.

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ask you shall receive… at least with chrome.

Using AWS and it can require a number of tabs open, that are closely related.
So, from time to time, I may want to reload all tabs, and skim through them.
I did a simple google search “chrome is there a way to reload all tabs” and found this gem:

Chrome steps to reload all tabs

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Even with Docker, you should RTFM

Before you get too deep into Docker, it would be a great idea to fully understand the difference between a Docker container, and a full Virtual Machine. There are some good YouTube videos, and articles. I would strongly recommend you read the following StackOverflow Question and its Answers.

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Unable to share folders on a VMWware Ubuntu LTS 14 guest

The title describes the problem I was having. It took me longer than I would have liked to find this solution post, but who knows what I was doing. Solution.

Anyways, hope it does the same for you.


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knowing and living

Even when the person lives up to 90 years, that person was on this earth for a brief period of time. Simply put, the human life span is short. Not only do we live for only a moment, we actually know this.

With that in mind, I can empathize with people that take on the “live fast, die young” mentality. That person is in the pursuit of happiness. You might not agree with their perception of happiness, but it is what they are after. They are simply trading longevity, for a fuller experience.

Recently I’ve met the entities that do this, but in the September of their lives. I not only empathize with this, but I admire it.

If a person has lived life, and they feel their legacy is in place. By legacy, I mean they’ve fulfilled their familial obligations, if any. Achieved whatever career goals they’ve agreed to, etc. With all that in place, heck yeah – try out skydiving, or some other awesome activity.

This, to some extent, is what’s prompted me to take on the new activities that I have (paragliding, archery, etc.).

We all know that life is short. Knowing a thing is not enough. The question is what you do with this knowledge.

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Inherently good or bad

No doubt, you’ve heard the term, victim-less crime. For the most part, these refer to acts the state (i.e.: accepted sovereign authority) deems criminal. Although these acts may harm the society, for the most part, they do so indirectly.

Some states have defined certain acts as crimes, but simply don’t prosecute them. For example, in the Netherlands, although a person can consume certain narcotics, the user is required to abide by certain guidelines. For example, the Netherlands differentiates between hard and soft drugs. An example of a soft drug would be Cannabis. In other words, if a person consumes it without becoming public nuisance, the state will allow it.

The drug policy in the Netherlands aims to reduce the demand for drugs, the supply of drugs and the risks to drug users, their immediate surroundings and society. Read this, and this for more information on that policy. There’s some pretty sound logic in it.

Some states, within the United States, are testing this theory out, in various ways. Washington, Oregon, Nevada and Alaska actually have fully legalized Cannabis. Some cities in other states are trying to do the same.

As of this moment, it’s still not legal, as far as the Federal government is concerned. Hence, it’s not legal, as far as banks are concerned (who just happen to rely heavily on the Federal government). However, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the Federal government is not going to get in the way of this. Well, at least it’s very quiet on this topic.

It’s understandable if an employer requires that an employee not consume soft drugs. Although not exactly the same, it’s similar to an employer requiring an employee not be inebriated while working.

To be clear, I have never, nor do I plan to start consuming Cannabis. However, I know and love people that do. I also know adults who’ve been detained and even arrested for their dealings with soft drugs. Clearly, with soft drugs, there is no inherent good, or bad. Similar to alcohol, if a person consumes it, and is not a public nuisance, they should be left alone.

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water level

I love the phrase, “water finds its own level.” It’s one of those truisms that packs a ton of meaning in a small space. As far as humans go, a person usually finds their equilibrium when they are around other entities that are closely, if not equally yoked.

However, if a person only seeks those of a like mind, or of a similar background, they will inherently limit themselves. In fact, in the long run, this will have a very detrimental effect. The difficult thing is to find that “sweet spot” of knowing thy self, versus being open to external ideas.

Oh well…

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Velocity highlighting in Notepad++

I wanted some Velocity Highlighting, and found this. It had an archive, made by whoever owns this site.

The readme in the archive was in German. I’ve added an English translation. I also added one new operator pattern to it.

You can download that archive here. Hope it helps.

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Je Suis Charlie…

I woke up this morning, looking to start this 3 day weekend (Monday is President’s Day) on the right foot. I started by doing some bookkeeping, and then onto upgrading some software on my machine. Nothing out of the ordinary.

A true productivity tool helps you get tasks done. Aside from this, it stays out of your way. Notepad++ does just that. However, this morning, it did something a bit more.

I allowed it update its plugin manager, and some plugins. Once it was done, and I allowed it to restart. Once it was back up, it opened a new tab, and began to type some text. At first, I was unhappy with this. But the first few words caught me, and I decided to let it play out.


Freedom of expression is like the air we breathe…

The content did not espouse a political, religious or socioeconomic perspective. No, it was succinct message about technologists standing with humanity. It was unexpected, but well received.

This is not a recent thing, it’s been out for almost a month now, but it was a good thing to experience. Oh, and of course their site was immediately attacked, but that was resolved on the same day.

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It took me long enough…

I’m back on my grind, and working to get this product out the door. It was an unnecessary long hiatus (of my own making). I’m physically in a new place. Seattle (or close to it). Partners are in Minnesota – Duluth and the Cities, to be exact. We’re all real pumped. We’re all very focused on this Beta by the end of July.

It feels good… real good. Fingers crossed.

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