Je Suis Charlie…

I woke up this morning, looking to start this 3 day weekend (Monday is President’s Day) on the right foot. I started by doing some bookkeeping, and then onto upgrading some software on my machine. Nothing out of the ordinary.

A true productivity tool helps you get tasks done. Aside from this, it stays out of your way. Notepad++ does just that. However, this morning, it did something a bit more.

I allowed it update its plugin manager, and some plugins. Once it was done, and I allowed it to restart. Once it was back up, it opened a new tab, and began to type some text. At first, I was unhappy with this. But the first few words caught me, and I decided to let it play out.


Freedom of expression is like the air we breathe…

The content did not espouse a political, religious or socioeconomic perspective. No, it was succinct message about technologists standing with humanity. It was unexpected, but well received.

This is not a recent thing, it’s been out for almost a month now, but it was a good thing to experience. Oh, and of course their site was immediately attacked, but that was resolved on the same day.

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