Inherently good or bad

No doubt, you’ve heard the term, victim-less crime. For the most part, these refer to acts the state (i.e.: accepted sovereign authority) deems criminal. Although these acts may harm the society, for the most part, they do so indirectly.

Some states have defined certain acts as crimes, but simply don’t prosecute them. For example, in the Netherlands, although a person can consume certain narcotics, the user is required to abide by certain guidelines. For example, the Netherlands differentiates between hard and soft drugs. An example of a soft drug would be Cannabis. In other words, if a person consumes it without becoming public nuisance, the state will allow it.

The drug policy in the Netherlands aims to reduce the demand for drugs, the supply of drugs and the risks to drug users, their immediate surroundings and society. Read this, and this for more information on that policy. There’s some pretty sound logic in it.

Some states, within the United States, are testing this theory out, in various ways. Washington, Oregon, Nevada and Alaska actually have fully legalized Cannabis. Some cities in other states are trying to do the same.

As of this moment, it’s still not legal, as far as the Federal government is concerned. Hence, it’s not legal, as far as banks are concerned (who just happen to rely heavily on the Federal government). However, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the Federal government is not going to get in the way of this. Well, at least it’s very quiet on this topic.

It’s understandable if an employer requires that an employee not consume soft drugs. Although not exactly the same, it’s similar to an employer requiring an employee not be inebriated while working.

To be clear, I have never, nor do I plan to start consuming Cannabis. However, I know and love people that do. I also know adults who’ve been detained and even arrested for their dealings with soft drugs. Clearly, with soft drugs, there is no inherent good, or bad. Similar to alcohol, if a person consumes it, and is not a public nuisance, they should be left alone.

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