knowing and living

Even when the person lives up to 90 years, that person was on this earth for a brief period of time. Simply put, the human life span is short. Not only do we live for only a moment, we actually know this.

With that in mind, I can empathize with people that take on the “live fast, die young” mentality. That person is in the pursuit of happiness. You might not agree with their perception of happiness, but it is what they are after. They are simply trading longevity, for a fuller experience.

Recently I’ve met the entities that do this, but in the September of their lives. I not only empathize with this, but I admire it.

If a person has lived life, and they feel their legacy is in place. By legacy, I mean they’ve fulfilled their familial obligations, if any. Achieved whatever career goals they’ve agreed to, etc. With all that in place, heck yeah – try out skydiving, or some other awesome activity.

This, to some extent, is what’s prompted me to take on the new activities that I have (paragliding, archery, etc.).

We all know that life is short. Knowing a thing is not enough. The question is what you do with this knowledge.

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