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Inherently good or bad

No doubt, you’ve heard the term, victim-less crime. For the most part, these refer to acts the state (i.e.: accepted sovereign authority) deems criminal. Although these acts may harm the society, for the most part, they do so indirectly. Some states have defined certain … Continue reading

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United Kingdom Constitution…

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c Clustershag to 10 Downing – Hung Parliament Daily Show Full Episodes Political Humor Tea Party OK, I saw Jon Stewart’s item above, and they were talking about … Continue reading

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It’s only been a few hundred years, since the birth of the United States of America. An experiment in fact. Some see America as the epitome of western ignorance and arrogance. While for others, it’s political asylum. For some, it’s … Continue reading

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are you really surprised?

OK, Colin Powell has endorsed Barack Obama… If you are a sentient being, this should not be a surprise to you. Powell was made a scapegoat for one for one of the greatest blunders in modern US history. By people … Continue reading

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greatest generation…

So, wait, what? Julia Child was a spy?! Outrageous, but true. This spy organization was the predecessor to the CIA, formed by president FDR. The spy list includes over 24,000 Americans. Like Mrs. Child, there are a ton who you’d … Continue reading

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a great man…

July 18th was Nelson Mandela’s 90th birthday. He’s definitely on the short list of true, living legends. Not because he’s a saint; no, most men aren’t. Rather for his life-long struggle to end apartheid in South Africa. Then to further … Continue reading

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online democratic debate…

I am not saying I agree with everything that Bill Maher says, I mean he was known for being Politically Incorrect… but it was good to see someone ask some more pressing (and obvious) questions. For example: “Senator Clinton, all … Continue reading

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9/11, where are we now?

It’s September 11th. I wonder how many people remember? More importantly, how many people have forgotten? Over the past 6 years, if you’ve been through an airport, or overseas in general, you know that day changed this country, better yet … Continue reading

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If you have the time, I strongly recommend watching this editorial on the current state of President Bush’s Iraq policy. It’s 10 minutes of some honesty, that I doubt the president will actually hear… However, I do hope that some … Continue reading

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U.N. — Peaceful Force?

The Israeli-Hezbollah conflict has produced nothing but destruction and death for both sides. It would be pretentious to attempt an explanation of the conflict: too many facets beyond the understanding of even the conflict participants. Here’s one positive thing: the … Continue reading

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