U.N. — Peaceful Force?

The Israeli-Hezbollah conflict has produced nothing but destruction and death for both sides. It would be pretentious to attempt an explanation of the conflict: too many facets beyond the understanding of even the conflict participants. Here’s one positive thing: the U.N.’s latest action. Sending a large troop and support presence (about 15,000).

U.N. peacekeepers, are less soliders and more security officers. Security officers that secure in this case, a buffer zone along the Israeli-Lebanese border. Logically, by securing this buffer zone from coninuing violence, they are “keeping the peace”. This is good, in the sense that there will be a body between these warring parties.

However, this is not enough. In order for mistakes like the current Iraq war (which sadly, I initially supported: I thought C. Powell knew what he was talking about). We need a stronger international body. One that doesnt allow members like the Syria to join the security council. One that could say to the U.S., hey let’s work this out together, and find a reasonable soultion.

A major reason why the current administration ignored the U.N. before the invasion of Iraq was the U.N.’s lack of credibility and true power. Of course, the unilateral move made the U.N. seem even weaker. It will take some work on the parts of the G8 members. See that group alone could make the world a much better place, but most of them (including the U.S.) have so many opposing interests that taint all initiatives they put forth. Well, until the U.N or at least its larger members (G8 and China, I’m looking at you), we’ll just have to be content with unenforceable resolutions and “Peaceful Forces”.

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  1. Brian says:

    The UN is a joke. They have no teeth and it’s about time they disolve.

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