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I am not saying I agree with everything that Bill Maher says, I mean he was known for being Politically Incorrect… but it was good to see someone ask some more pressing (and obvious) questions. For example:

“Senator Clinton, all the senators here, except Senator Obama, voted for the Iraq Resolution in 2002,” began Maher, “saying that their decision was based on intelligence that they believed to be accurate at the time. In other words, George Bush fooled you. Why should Americans vote for someone who can be fooled by George Bush?”

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  1. Brian says:

    This actually triggers a point I never could agree with Democrats. Did George Bush lie and trick America or was he just feed bad intelligence and ran with it? I don’t believe Bush purposely made up reports just to invade Iraq but that’s what the democrats want you to believe.

  2. Jay says:

    I do believe that the president bought the neo-conservative line*, and made military decisions based on it. Also, with his “historians are still judging <some past president>” quote, he seems to believe that you do what ya need to do, and let history sort itself out.

    *Neo-conservative world-view: America is the only remaining real super-power, and it should act like it. The rest of the world would benefit greatly from the freedom Americans currently experience. So, even if America is looked upon as a bully — the end result will be worth it: irrepressible freedom.

  3. xrellix says:

    Cheney & Rumsfeld placed heavy pressure for intelligence incriminating Saddam and even went out of their way to create a separate agency for it handled directly by them (see Frontline episode).

    In effect, the Neo-cons fooled Bush and the U.S Population at large feasting on the post-911 emotions. The politicians had no choice but to follow suit. It shows the weakness of the politicians than anything. Barak & Kucinich of course standout as strong willed and critical minded.

    The underlying assumption that allowed this folly by everyone (me included) (exceptions Barak, Kucinich & others) was that the Military would obtain quick easy victory regardless of an incompetent Bush. Everyone trusted the competence of Rumsfeld and the Military. A huge mistake.

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