If you have the time, I strongly recommend watching this editorial on the current state of President Bush’s Iraq policy. It’s 10 minutes of some honesty, that I doubt the president will actually hear… However, I do hope that some people around him do.

One of the biggest surprises is Senator McCain. What the heck happened there? This same guy was pushed out of running by the suggestion that he fathered a black child out of wed-lock (it was his adopted son). Great work Karl Rove, et al. Did McCain’s soul disapate over the past year?! Oh Well.

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2 Responses to Sacrifice

  1. Sony says:

    Olbermann is a bit over the top – possibly mimicking Murrow. He tries so hard to get under the conservative skin – i just can’t take him seriously. Kind of like the opposite of O’Reilly.

    MCain definitely surprised me by adopting the loosing strategy of supporting Bush and trying to win Bush’s core.

    The strategy of sending more troops may have been a good one under competent leadership but a bad one under the bungling Bush.

  2. jaybose says:

    Olbermann does mimic Murrow.

    Sending more troops would only make sense if your generals asked for it. They have not, In fact they are against it. It’s all wrong.

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