Starting an OpenLaszlo Project

I started looking at RIA development not too long ago. So, as always, the only obvious next step was to build an RIA app. I didn’t actually start from scratch… I have an app I am developing using WebWork-2.4, Hibernate-3.2, Spring-2.x and others. Being that the aforementioned libraries all come with their own dependencies, adding OpenLaszlo was not as easy as I thought.

After 2 days of googling and forum searching various terms, I was able to resolve the errors. First off, if you use JDOM, make sure that you have at least JDOM-1.0.1 — the latest version that shipped with OpenLaszlo 4.0. Also, as this post makes clear, specifying the XML Factories removes the compilation errors I experienced. After that, it was smooth sailing.

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  1. xrellix says:

    Great, let me know how it goes. I prototyped an app with 3.2 – if i get some time i’d like to upgrade. But first chance i get i wanna do a similar one in GWT.

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