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In this Googlfied time in history, things are good for software and techie people. That’s great, but it would be even better to share some of that, wouldn’t it? Well, for those of you with a backup 360 (you know who you are), or lusting over that MacBook Pro (It does look nice…), or maybe eyeballing that new Mercedes C-class (how dare you) – take a moment to squeeze in some empathy for your fellow man… and woman… err humans. Even if you already give to a charity, consider Changing The Present. You can actually choose your donation’s target. Every little bit helps!


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  1. Brian says:

    Do they need some 360 games? I’ve got a couple I could donate.

  2. Jay says:

    Yeah, those are great for building hospitals and training veterans…

  3. xrellix says:

    My 360 just red-lighted this weekend. Good thing I had my backup. The next day the red-light problem disappeared though – so i’m in a dilemma about whether to send it in for a fix. I’ll have to hit the 360 real hard till it breaks again – this time for good.

    I plan on lending to – when I get around to it. This is how poverty will be solved. Not through charity which merely make people dependent on it and in the long run increases poverty. Its just a ticket to heaven for the religious.

  4. Jay says:

    Hey is a great idea. I am going assume based on your comments that you barely read the changing the present site. For example, by training a veteran, you help someone get a (better) job, thus he/she can better fend for themselves.

  5. xrellix says:

    Dude, who’s got time to read.. I skim always.
    Anyways – the first 2 pics seemed to abt poverty – thats good enough for me to bash the whole idea. Just kidding, Veteran thing is good – except i want our tax dollars at 33% of income to go towards this and not be wasted as is now – probably creating and donating to a Washington lobby focussed on this is going to do the greatest good most likely. That said I understand there are immediate needs and is a good thing to donate directly to a veteran or other special folks in your community.

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