lessons learned

Today is my last day at my current company. It was an interesting experience. I met some good people, and learned a lot about myself. I learned what kind of Engineer I was, and what I couldbe. I learned that I am a (mild) workaholic. I learned that enthusiasm does not equal success. I learned that assumptions really do make an ass of me. I learned I dont like cocaine… Just kidding, I love it. Ok, that was a joke; or was it?

In all seriousness, the greatest lesson of all was that I had to experience some negatives now so I could better handle or avoid them in the future. All in all, I appreciate this past oppurtunity, and look forward to my next.

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3 Responses to lessons learned

  1. Brian says:

    When you spend 12 hours a day thinking or working on code you’re more than a mild workaholic. You should learn to relax and check out my new blog!

  2. jaybose says:

    If you werent forced to work, you’d game for 14 hours a day…

    Man, that plug was shameless!

  3. xrellix says:

    a purely scientific study has shown a mild association between workaholics, sexaholics and religion.

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