Tonight I start my first GigaSpaces project. It’s been on my mind since last November, and it’s been building steam. Why do I need a JavaSpaces/OpenSpaces framework? This project is supposed to be for a larger user base (500+ to start), and based on my academic distributed computing experience, and the excellent posts on, I know I need to upgrade some of my current 3rd party libraries. For performance reasons, of course.

So, I’m going with Spring-2.5.3 for my AOP and DI needs; easy choice. Hibernate-3.2.6 for ORM (I’m staving off JPA, for as long as I can!). MySql-5.0 for database. The UI… Well, I haven’t decided. I know I have to start moving away from WebWork-2. This isn’t up for debate. But I’m torn between moving to Struts-2 (familiarity) or JSF (component-based). I read this FAQ entry for the differences between Struts-2 and JSF.

Ehh… here’s to new things: I’m going with JSF. I’ll take a serious look at Seam and MyFaces.


Update: After some discussion, and further research, I’ve decided to hold off on using JSF. Since it’s a fairly mature, event-based API, I definitely see myself using it in the near future. However, since scalability is the currently highest priority, I’m compelled to go with Struts-2. This also allows me to upgrade all my existing WebWork-2 projects…

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  1. Brian says:

    use Facelets! It will make life a lot easier. I have some code examples and slides from the NFJS if you are interested.

  2. Jason says:


    So how are you fitting GS in there? Just using Hibernate on the backend?

  3. Guy Nirpaz says:

    Good luck, jump into the forum if you need help.

    Guy Nirpaz,
    GigaSpaces Technologies.

  4. Jay says:

    @Brian: OK, I’ll look at Facelets too.

    @Jason: Traitor? You told me you’re writing B2B and SaaS projects… You probably forgot how a JSP looks.

    Yep backend. For readers that don’t know, that means running an IMDG, that asynchronously persists updates through Hibernate. This post will give you more details.

  5. Jay says:

    @Guy: I’m sure you’ll see me there! 🙂

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