never dying

the article.

The concept above is really in its early stages. However, think about the possibilities of never dying (if you could afford it, of course).

I think this could lead down a very dark road. Could a person then live forever? If so, would we stop having children because of the implicit overpopulation? Would wanting to die and old age become tantamount to commiting suicide?

What about the after-life? What would be the real draw if you could live till whenever you chose, and actually enjoy that wealth you’ve been hording?

I guess each person will have to make that descion when the time comes.

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2 Responses to never dying

  1. Brian says:

    These guys need to rent Pet Sematary and see why bringing back dead pets doesn’t work.

  2. Jason says:

    See, here I thought you’d do something about programming… Living forever would get boring. Unless I could be 25 again and do lots of drugs…

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