I’ve seen a few posts saying either that Donald Trump choose the wrong apprentice. These posts have a hint of something other than logic and reason.

If you just went off of productivity, he was the better choice. Let’s take for granted that he is more educated. However, let’s not overlook his experience. He put it exactly right when he said he “runs businesses, while she just writes about them”. Randall is the CEO and founder of BCT Partners ( a successful small business.

As project manager, Randall won 3 out of 3 tasks. On the other hand, Rebecca has only won 1 out of 3 tasks as a PM. In addition, her one winning task had a good deal to do with Randall being her only teammate.

Also, loyalty is a great thing, but she showed throughout that she would allow it to possibly sabotage her (even bringing Toral back at the end).

In the same vein, I have never seen so many fired contestants praise one person so much. Not to mention, when there was a chance to trade a teammate, time and again, teams always choose Randall.

So, exactly why was Randall the wrong choice?

Lastly, in response to Randall not agreeing to their being a second apprentice: why should he have? In a past season, there was a “close” race between Bill and Kwame (guess who’s the black guy). Kwame was from Goldman Sachs, and had a Harvard MBA. Bill was an entrepreneur who started Most people thought it was a tight one, but Kwame had the credentials to take it all the way. Obviously, Trump felt differently. Oh well, it’s seems to have worked out because Trump has extended Bill’s contract. So, why was Randall selfish?

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  1. Ryan Ripley says:

    Randall was selfish because he had nothing to lose from bringing another strong competitor into the Trump organization. He put his selfish goals of not “diluting” the prize ahead of adding another strength to the company. I’ve posted more on this on my site.

  2. George B says:

    I think the reason why Donald Trump likes Randall’s selfishness is because that’s what he would’ve done himself if he were in Randall’s position.

    Get over it Ryan Ripley. Apparently you’re no Donald Trump.

    By giving Rebecca the opportunity, it could’ve indicated that Randall doesn’t want it so bad. You have to show that you want it so much that you would’ve sold your own family.

    Ambition is never nice.

  3. Ryan Ripley says:

    No Donald Trump? Ok. 🙂 Ambition is what got him the win. He had the chance to hire a talented person and blew it. And actually during this season Trump did afive minute piece on how important family is to what he does… You don’t know what you are talking about.

  4. jay says:

    Ryan, I completely understand your point, but I have to agree w/ George B, and implicitly, Trump.

    The entire compettition was centered around your team defeating the other team. If Trump truly wanted a sprit of sharing prizes and glory, he would have made it possible for teams that were close in their wins to share the win in someway… He never has. Even in differences of $70, he’s had the losing team come back to the board room, and sent a person or two home.

  5. Ryan Ripley says:

    I agree with you. I just think it was selfish, not ambitious… 🙂 Ambition got Randall his well deserved win… His greed tainted it.

  6. shiv reddy says:

    i think randall made an amazingly independent decision, businesswise. a lot will debate his decision for months to come. in the end you will have to agree that he bravely did what nobody else would have: he went against the tide, and made a decision he knew would be unpopular, but stood firmly by it.

  7. Ryan Ripley says:

    I think you are wearing some rose colored glasses. He answered very quickly, and did not think through all of the peripheral issues. It was too fast. He decided what would best for himself and acted. I would not label that as brave.

  8. Brian says:

    I think you should blog about more import issues…like why I can’t find an Xbox 360!!!

  9. Ryan Ripley says:

    Randall decided that he should be the only one to have it!! Just kidding. I wish I could find one too…


  10. Debbie says:

    Randall is an outstanding business person, moreover an outstanding human being. Donald Trump should not have put Randall on the spot as he did, however Randall in his keen sense of life and business seemed to have saw the set up coming and was prepared to handle the outlandish offer to share the spoils. He rejected the suggestion with stern grace and levelheadedness. I on the other hand would not have answered as respectfully and being that it was live TV — they would have cut me off like they did Alla during her comments. Kudos to Randall to standing up to the pressure.

  11. xrellix says:

    Good post. Randall clearly won.

    Looking at her performance Rebecca was not even a top 5 candidate. She was all hype and no results. She was merely lucky in being paired with Randall most of the latter half.

    I think this argument divides along the line of folks that think with logic and facts versus folks that mix in faith and emotion. Speaking of which Jay I hope someday you apply the same thoroughness you depicted to Religion.

  12. jaybose says:

    xrellix, clearly you lack faith in the one true God; being that I am not at all biased, I will just pray that you find the truth (ya false prophet).

  13. xrellix says:

    Jay – here is a site that does a similar thorough job on the Bible as you did demonstrating Randall’s clear victory.

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