For the masses, or for self…

I’m not a major detractor of shows like Friends, and whatever else people are having seizures over. However, there are some real good shows that just don’t get the respect they deserve. Well, they do get critical acclaim, which is major respect regardless of your industry. They don’t get the viewing publics respect. Thus, the execs pull the show off the air.

There are two shows that stick out like this: the Ben Stiller show, and Arrested Development (AD). Ben Stiller’s show was ahead of its time. AD belonged on HBO or FX. The average viewing public seemed to have little interest b/c the show required you to remember things that happened last week. At one point, the producers of the show started doing flashbacks to what they were referring to, rather than making a funny reference – it was horrible. Winning awards from your peers and critics might seem nice, but when you are getting canceled after 2 seasons, it kind of takes the air out of you. It’s well known that the AD stars were left frustrated, and some bitter. Who can blame them?

According to Jim is one of the few sitcoms to be openly mocked by other shows, and ABC gives it seven seasons. Who is watching According to Jim, and why?! I’ve seen it, it’s not good. There’s a great HBO show called Extras, which happens to tackle this very issue of doing it for the masses, or for self. It’s the second run at a comedy by the dynamic duo that brought us The Office (the funnier original UK version, but that’s another story). Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, single handedly bringing the HBO 3 Emmy nominations for 2007. See, that’s quality work.

30 Rock, more quality. Tina Fey is attractive and funny. She’s like a woman who used to be a nerd girl, and then took ‘funny sophistication’ pills — I like. Tracey Morgan, hilarious – glad to see more of him (it gets crowded on SNL). Alec Baldwin, he’s hosted SNL so many times I guess he’s a featured player that just doesn’t come in each week. On SNL, you only got a preview of his funny: his voice and delivery make him a combination of James Earl Jones and Phil Hartman, disturbing. The best part is the supporting cast is just as good.

There are a few other good shows out there, that aren’t on HBO. If you get a chance, sit down and enjoy one of ’em.

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4 Responses to For the masses, or for self…

  1. Brian says:

    I find I’m spending less and less time with non-interactive entertainment.

  2. xrellix says:

    The Sheild:
    The best drama on the planet.

    The Office (US version):
    UK version was great but dry. The US version is far superior.

    Its always Sunny in Philadelphia:
    Great stuff.

    Entourage (HBO):
    Great stuff.

  3. Jay says:

    The Office (US version):
    UK version was great but dry. The US version is far superior.

    How dare you! The brits are the only real, sane allies in the war on terror. Why would say something like that? The aussie are our allies too, but their PM is a bit off. Actually, he’s nuts.

    One more for the list, Flight of the Conchords; another HBO item.

  4. xrellix says:

    haha, yes Concords is funny..
    though last couple were misses..

    Brian – u missin out – quality shows are still great entertainment – but – i definitely raised the bar on quality cause of my gaming time..

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