worst shipping company ever…

Today was the first day I’ve ever written an angry letter (OK, paragraph) to a company (Dell, about my new laptop). The reason was not the company itself, but the shipping company, DHL. I will keep this short, a simple shipping transaction I’ve done thousands of times via UPS or the United States Postal Service, is not so simple when DHL is involved.

Three day ground shipping of a 13 lb. box, signature required. OK, if one of the other two shippers were doing this, they’d have a neighbor sign, or allow you to sign the post-it they left the first time. This would ensure someone would sign, and everyone could move on with their lives.

Not so with DHL. During call #1, a customer representative tells me that this is not acceptable, and that I have to personally sign for it (she says per Dell’s request). Being that the courier just left the note at 10:13 AM, and I work minutes from home, she agrees to tell the driver to come back, that I will be home to sign. I leave work and wait at home. Two hours pass and I realize that maybe I wont be able to return to work today, but at least something will come out of it.

After my third call to DHL, a representative lets me know that this was never a possibility. The reps have no direct contact with the courier, and that he was already done for the day (this was about 2 PM). I ask if he will attempt the delivery tomorrow? She says yes. Alright, no problem.

Next day, I wait at home, and around noon I begin to wonder, “where is this guy?”. Maybe his routes a bit heavier today. OK, but based on the incompetence and imaginations I witnessed yesterday, I thought I’d better check. So, I make call #4 at about 1 PM, and asked the representative if she knew if the courier was near (I actually planned on going into to work, albeit for only half a day). She did not (no surprise), but she did say that for 2nd attempts, it’s usually done between 2 and 4 PM. Oh, OK. I wont make it into work today, but at least something will come out of it (well, maybe).

Obviously, by this time, DHL has not only lost my trust, but caused me to lose my patience. So, I am checking the status of the package every half hour. Quarter after 4 PM, and I see an update. What’s this? Place of business closed, will try next business day. Ummmm, I’m in a residential area. Wait, wait. Did the courier just go to the wrong address, even though my address is on the box? Nice.

OK, so I call the customer service again (call #5), and wonder if I am reading this right. Did he go to the wrong address? She is sorry, but basically can only direct me to pick up the package myself, or wait. I decide to end the charade. But I’m also compelled to let Dell know that I never want DHL to be the courier ever again.

After I let off that letter (paragraph), I Google "worst shipping company". Surprise, surprise. DHL’s at #1, #2 and #7 on the page one results. Along with companies I had never heard of. DHL’s been around for over 30 years… why are you this bad?

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3 Responses to worst shipping company ever…

  1. Jay says:

    When I finally got my package, rather than make excuses, he apologized. So I didn’t think about violence. 😉

    Still I will be avoiding their services.

  2. voghan says:

    When I got my 360 shipped back to me UPS came to my house but must have never rand the bell. Erin was home so she would have answered the door. I call their automated number and they tell me they can schedule a delivery today…it 4:30 pm. I was like awesome…until they called back and said they couldn’t deliver the item. I ended up driving to their dispatch center and picking it up.

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