for the new year…

OK, so it’s not exactly a new year’s resolution, but close enough (I don’t make those, they’re useless). Here are a few things I want to learn and or finish in the new year.

Finish my 2D, Sprite-scrolling, adventure game

Um, this has been sitting in a corner for a year now… Just haven’t had the drive. So, aside from work, I will work to get this thing working. It’s actually not that hard; more a matter of putting time in. I guess you could classify everything that way.

New Languages – Programming, that is

I definitely want to get into some functional programming. Since I did some (a reasonably small amount) of Scheme and Haskell in college, I know it’s not impossible. I’ll revisit those.
I’d also like to learn Erlang, Scala and Ruby (its JVM implementation, JRuby).


I was a J2ME guy. Now, I will try Android. I tend to do simple board games (tic-tac-toe, checkers, etc). We’ll see how that goes.


I’d like to build a piece of software that efficiently records and plays back screencasts. Furthermore, allow users to add things (text, arrows, etc) to specific frames. Lastly, add synchronized voice to the playback. That would be nice. Clearly, if you have ever watched any screen recording presentation, you know this has been done, and can be done on a very professional level.

I’ll update this as the new year comes closer…

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