resin-3.1 performance

Not too long ago I wondered (aloud), what the heck happened to Resin-3.0 performance. I found that after upgrading from resin-3.0.19 to resin-3.0.23, and deploying the expanded war, startup time went from 90 to 117 seconds. OK, so I was looking to use some newer JEE features. Although Tomcat 5.5 flys, having to add ActiveMQ for JMS support was more of a footprint than I’d like. With Resin, I just had to 3 lines per message queue. Even that’s gotten simpler in the newer 3.1 releases.

I digress. In the release notes for resin-3.1.3, Caucho claims their startup time has been reduced. I had to see this for myself. I tested this by moving a project with 2 web-appsĀ  from resin-3.0.23 to resin-3.1.4. This dropped the startup time from ~87 seconds to ~47 seconds. Yeah, I’d call that an improvement.

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