hey google, what is that?

So, as usual checking my Gmail account waiting on a few responses, and I see this odd thing in the top left corner. I can’t figure it out; it makes no sense. At first I think it’s a phantom, or lazy bit. I refresh a few the page times – look at the page’s source – still nothing jumps out me.

Looks like the bent corner of a page… Anyway, I decided to take a snapshot and simply ask if anyone else has noticed this? Better yet, do you know what it is?

gmail artifact

Update: Someone on Digg brought it up, and as it turns out Google is aware of it, and is fixing it. I was under the impression that they purposefully did this. Oh well. Thanks Brian M.

TechCrunhIT speaks on it too. – Thanks Jason C.

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  1. Jay says:

    These are the only other people I could find talking about it.

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