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I watched the entire Business of Innovation series and found it pretty informative. So, I tuned to the premiere of Collaboration Now, hosted by Donny Deutsch. It was pretty good. One item that piqued my interest was the mention of cloud computing. Thanks to firms like amazon, firms needing more computing power and storage space, can get it at a relatively small price. As a member of the choir, I’ve always thought that systems like Kazaa and Napster were just the tip of the iceberg. Now that cloud and grid-based computing is becoming more mainstream – no longer relegated to p2p file-sharing and academia – true collaboration is on the horizon.

Another interesting item is Cisco’s Tele-Presence technology. Wow – this thing looks impressive. Three high-definitions screen linked to some high powered machines making for a secure, almost-holographic meeting… Check this Wikipedia page for more Tele-presence applications. It looks great. It also looks expensive. I think most people will stick with Skype and Web-Ex for a bit. Overall, this series looks very promising.

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  1. xrellix says:

    nice..i’ll have to check out the new show..
    Why does Cisco have just a tiny video explaining the product on their website ? if they have solved the bandwidth issue for setting up a realistic live meeting across continents.

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