for the new year – 2009

I had this list of goals for the new year, last year… I had twelve months, and I accomplished nothing (well, nothing remarkable). Disgusting. Anyway, instead of making a new list of items to learn/try for the new year, I’ll just stick to the old one.

Oh yeah, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours!

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  1. xrellix says:

    Happy Holidays to u to.. Disgusting indeed..
    I like Scala and Groovy. I think Scala is going to be the next big language and Groovy the next big scripting language…haha…i have no idea… but i’d like to see that happen..

  2. Jay says:

    Scala is huge. However, companies have to see the potential of such a language – better concurrent programs (using actors), use w/o having to leave Java behind, etc.

  3. xrellix says:

    Scala’s got the right approach – but it added a few unconventional syntax and juiced up the complexity. I think another language will come along with a similar approach but with reduced complexity and syntax familiarity.

  4. Nancy M says:

    Hey Jay, Long tine no see just wanted to wish you a very happy new year. Health Care is the place to be (really). Here’s to a happy and healthy 2009! We really need to check in with each other – it’s been awhile!

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