Google IO – Architecting GWT Apps talk

Ray Ryan has another talk on creating great GWT apps. This time his primary focus was on creating “production” ready applications. A number of things are required to do this. Things like Built-in logging support for GWT, and User Actions (instrumented Widgets), guarding against Cross-Site Attacks, etc. Some of this is less about the technology of GWT, and more about the consciousness of the developers.

Building on his talk from the previous year, he of course mentions the MVP (Model-View-Presenter) pattern. However, this time around, Spring’s Roo is used to build the apps, which changes a few things. It seems some people were complaining (loudly?) about the Presenter pattern requiring a good deal of boilerplate code. So, he describes how using Roo actually eliminates a reasonable amount of code – namely the DTOs and Presenters. When using Roo, the DTOs and Activity (similar to Android’s Activity) instances are generated for you. It seems that the Activity replaces the Presenter. As with last time, he explains how coding this way reduces the effort needed to build complete GWT tests. Again, definitely worth a watch!

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