Best jQuery plugin explanantion I’ve read…

OK, so I’m trying too use jQuery, and I wanted to read up on it. After some searching on the well documented jQuery site, I found this post.

No hyperbole. This is one of the best tutorials I’ve read in along time. Early in the post, the author makes a very salient point.

Many tutorial authors offer well-written jQuery code that works in all browsers, but copying it into your site will not help you to understand how the code actually works. It has been scientifically proven that being genuinely curious about learning a subject will make a greater impact on the student’s memory than when the subject has no interest what so ever about the subject he is trying to learn. This is why I recommend paying attention to the information stored on this page. If anything, at least you will learn to understand the basics of jQuery.

The article goes on to make it so that the reader fully understands how jQuery’s plugin structure works, and why. If I could find the author’s name, I’d mention it. Really good stuff.

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