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dell studio xps 16…

Got a new machine, my old one was starting to burn out – as usual. Hands down, Windows 7 Professional is light years a head of Vista Professional. Wow. The UI’s better, without needing more RAM. The security implementation has … Continue reading

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hibernate spring secuirty implementation…

Almost two years ago, I said I would upgrade my my Hibernate-Acegi (Spring Secuirty) implementation to Spring Security’s new(er) ACL service paradigm. Here’s their suggested schema. Below is a class diagram of that paradigm. Back then, none of projects required … Continue reading

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early adopter…

Since I’ve been introduced to WebWork, I was a serious proponent. It was built on some interesting technologies. Implemented some great concepts. Things that are now considered standard for any self-respecting web-mvc framework. After some evolution, WebWorkis now Struts2. Since … Continue reading

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OK, no one should have to tell an engineer to use caching. If you’re dealing with non-trivial amounts of data, and have a reasonable requirement for availability, you’ll need caching. The real issue is what, and how. The what depends … Continue reading

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fonts and stuff…

Eric Burke’s Blog has a post talking about finding the best font for his comics. OK, One comment brought a superior tool to light: Honestly, I’ve needed this thing for years.

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t-mobile g1

Finally, if you were looking for a actual piece of hardware for your Android apps, here it goes: the T-Mobile G1. It’s not too shabby.

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httpsessionlistener resolved my session persistence issue

I’ve moved from Resin-3.0 to Tomcat-5.5 for a while now. So far, it’s actually been easier to deploy and run my web applications. However, I started to see some NotSerializableExceptions during shutdowns, and subsequent startups. After some research, it became … Continue reading

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openspaces developer challenge winners…

Kudos to Jason Carreira! His DomainProxy entry to the OpenSpaces Developer Challenge earned him a finalist position. One to watch: Leonardo Goncalves’ Goods Donation System great idea that also made it to the finals. This could be a great help … Continue reading

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I’ve always thought about something like this, but never made a move. Here’s to Matt Warman going from clouds to code!

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Tonight I start my first GigaSpaces project. It’s been on my mind since last November, and it’s been building steam. Why do I need a JavaSpaces/OpenSpaces framework? This project is supposed to be for a larger user base (500+ to … Continue reading

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