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twig is awesome…

Brian M. introduced me to Twig about a week ago, and it’s awesome! I’m a long time Hibernate user. Over the years, like everyone else, I come to really appreciate the 80-90% that Hibernate does for you. Basically, the things … Continue reading

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HTML Color Hex Shorthand…

OK, for you CSS wizards, and people who can generally read and comprehend things, this will be old news. For the rest of us, in the past years you must have seen color hex shorthand like this “#FED”. Until today, … Continue reading

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GWT wiring via Spring…

I have a more detailed post in the works, but until then, let’s just say using Spring to wire your GWT components is ridiculously easy. I ran into some issues, but thanks to a post from pgt, I was able … Continue reading

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Spring Security in Google App Engine…

When delving into the Google App Engine (GAE) world, aside from NOSQL (Not Only SQL), there are a number of other unfamiliar paradigms you’ll encounter. If you’re used to a number of technologies, such as Spring, Hibernate, Sitemesh, you may … Continue reading

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Google IO – Architecting GWT Apps talk

Ray Ryan has another talk on creating great GWT apps. This time his primary focus was on creating “production” ready applications. A number of things are required to do this. Things like Built-in logging support for GWT, and User Actions … Continue reading

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Google IO – Best Practices for GWT talk

Awesome talk, great slides! If you aren’t already impressed by GWT (aka Swing for the all browsers 😉) , this talk should bring you over. This gave a number of new ideas. One of them is obviously the MVP pattern. … Continue reading

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Caching for the DaoAuthenticationProvider – don’t do it

It’s extremely hard to remember that everything is not a nail. Whenever I’m using Hibernate Core and/or Hibernate Search, I plan on caching frequently used entities, in order to remove unnecessary load on the data-store(s). Pretty standard performance move. I … Continue reading

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snipping tool in window 7…

OK, so Windows 7 has this awesome screen capture tool that appears on the menu just after you do your first screen capture (Alt + PrtScn)… It’s called Snipping Tool. Considering the fact that it’s free, I was pretty surprised … Continue reading

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free geek twin cities… is a great idea. I’ve always had a hard time simply throwing away major computer components. It just seems wrong. Dell, at least for a short while, stopped offering recycling of old laptops. Now, with a group like FGTC, … Continue reading

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more window 7 upgrades…

This how Wordpad looks now… and it has more functionality. This how Paint looks now… and it has more functionality. If you’re wondering why I care, I’ve used this two small programs for years, and I was about to make … Continue reading

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