keeping america great…

CNBC had this hour-long special, in a town-hall format, titled, “Keeping America Great“. It was a Q&A with Warren Buffett and Bill Gates. Learned a little there. For one, I did not know Warren Buffett was one of the voices in the wilderness shouting against CDOs. I also didn’t know that trains move freight over 400 miles, using just 1 Gallon of Diesel. That tidbit came out when a 1st year student asked why Buffett was buying Burlington Northern.

Overall, it was an hour well spent… Take a look for yourself. Here’s the transcript if ya need it.

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single story…

Thanks to Markendya, I know about this beautiful story-teller, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. If you get a chance, listen to her reading.

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that’s deep…

Tic’Tic in 10,000 BC:

A good man draws a circle around himself and cares for those within. His woman, his children.
Other men draw a larger circle and bring within their brothers and sisters.
But some men have a great destiny. They must draw around themselves a circle that includes many, many more.

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for the new year – 2010

I had this list of goals for the new year, in 2007. Then in 2008, I did very little towards that list.

OK, in this past year, I’ve actually started learning a new language/platform – Grails/Groovy. So that’s one out of four. Most important of all, I have a new goal for the upcoming year, and that is, nothing. By that, I mean, to do less. One of the major reasons I haven’t accomplished my 2007 goals, is a lack of time, or in some cases, trying to do too much. Well, this year, I’m gonna veg-out a lot more. Yeah, that’s gonna be great…

As usual, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours!

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kiva team…


Brian M. got me to join Kiva. I always knew it was a top-notch form of helping others, but i never really got into it. We started a Kiva team, The Society of the Humane, and it’s pretty awesome (both in name, and membership).

If you’re already a Kiva member, we’d love you to join. If not a member, let either of us know, and we’ll send you an invite.

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wounded warrior…

Wounded Warrioer Logo

There’s this awesome program, Wounded Warrior, aimed at helping troops that have come home injured, get back on their feet. These men and women do a ton for us in their existence alone. Check it out their stories on Overstock here.

Check out Wounded Warrior‘s site here. The program has tons of programs to help these soldiers, including Peer Mentoring and TRACK. Track is a short term program that helps soldiers learn new things that may not have been exposed to before. Things like higher education and financial responsibility. It’s a great program! Please, give if you can.

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support the Prior Lake House Move

As usual, the Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity (TCHH) is helping make lives better. Thanks to generous house donation by Jerry and Terry Shrank, TCHH will be moving the house with renovations to a lot they’ve purchased in Prior Lake.

If you have a few extra dollars, anything, click here to make a donation. The goal is $50,000, and when this was being written, we’ve already reached $2,500! I’m sure it would be greatly appreciated by TCHH, and more importantly, the family that ends moving into this place. Here’s a picture of the current donated house, followed by a rendering of the renovated house. Thanks in advance!

Current Donated House

Current Donated House

Rendering of Renovated House

Rendering of the Renovated House

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outback detergent…

Whose a sexy bird?

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gold for grits…

This guy’s intensity is unmatched.

Gold for oatmeal? Not in this economy.

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What if loggers ran the world…

I love the modern twist on the King Solomon how-to resolve disagreements. Nice.

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